Acoustic Tiles


  • The tiles have a convoluted or ‘egg box’ profile which offers a greater surface area over other profile shapes – which enables them to ‘catch’ sound waves more easily and effectively
  • Our tiles are perfect for lining speaker cabinets or when requiring only a few more to complete your home studio project. Even a few of these tiles could make a big difference to the listening environment in your home studio or theater room.
  • Acoustic panels are an effective and affordable way of improving the acoustics of any listening or live performance area by helping to remove sound reflections and excess echos. They are also useful at reducing overall noise levels including ambient noise in commercial and industrial applications.
  • Designed for mid to high frequency range
  • Tiles are dark grey in color. No other colors are available at this time.
  • Peak thickness is 50mm with a base of 25mm.
  • Foam density is 32kg /m3
  • Flame-Retardant
Panel Area 500mm x 500mm
Thickness 25mm base + 25mm peak to peak height
Weight Density 32kg / m²