Mass Loaded Vinyl

Mass loaded vinyl sheeting is an effective barrier to reduce the amount of airborne noise coming into and out of a lined area. This product is highly effective in reducing external noise from aircraft, vehicles, trains, and adjoining properties and offices.

Similarly, it can be used to contain internal noise, for example when used in entertainment areas, home theatres, offices.

Industrial applications include sound lagging around loud machines or noiesy pipes and ducts, noise screens and strip curtains in factories. This sheeting can also be used to muffle noise at construction sites when draped over fencing.

The material consists of a loaded resin supported with a thermally bonded polyester. An aluminium foil facing is supplied on one face of the material. This provides additional protection against radiant heat flow and provides a suitable surface for adhesive tapes to bond to (when sealing sheets together).

This product has good ow and high frequency sound attentution. Density is at 5kg/m2 and rolls come in standard dimensions of 1 x 6m.

  • Dimensions: 1m wide x 6m long
  • Density: 5kg/m2