RadiantGuard is a flame-retardant commercial grade DS reflective Al foil insulation, made from 2 outer layers of highly reflective, pure aluminum foil and 1 layer natural Kraft paper. These layers are bonded together with F/R Glue and reinforced with 3-way fiberglass scrim.

RadiantGuard is ideally used as sarking and insulation material under roofs, in walls behind cladding or under timber floors for residential and commercial buildings. Combined use with glasswool / rockwool / mineral wool / foam insulation, it will be an excellent vapor barrier for air-conditioning ducts, pipes and vessels.

Because RadiantGuard sarking has a foil facing on both sides, it will provide benefit by reflecting heat for both summer and winter conditions (compared to single sided foils which only reflect heat in one direction).

The use of our RadiantGuardl sarking rather than traditional single sided foil sarking materials will mean you get much better summer performance of your building system

RadiantShield Composition

Composition Description Value
Foil Aluminum 7 micron
Reinforcing – MD Fiberglass 8 / 100mm
Reinforcing – XD Fiberglass 12 / 100mm
Adhesive Flame-Retardant Glue ——
Kraft Natural 80gsm
Adhesive Flame-Retardant Glue ——
Foil Aluminum 7 micron

Product Specifications

Physical Properties Test Method Value (Metric)
Basis Weight Scale 140 gsm
Permeance (WVTR) ASTM E96, Procedure A 1.15 ng/N.s
Tensile Strength - MD ASTM D828 200 N/25mm
Tensile Strength - XD ASTM D828 110 N/25mm
Burst Strength ASTM D774 52 N/cm2
Low Temperature Resistance ASTM D1790 4 hrs @-40 °F (- 40 °C) No Delamination
High Temperature Resistance ASTM D1790 4 hrs @ +240 °F (+116 °C) No Delamination
Emissivity ASTM E408 0.03
Fire Rating UL 723 / ASTM E84 Less 25 / 50 - Passed
Fire Rating BS 476 Pt 6 & 7 Class O - Passed