ACOUSTIC FOAM Solavis acoustic tiles have a convoluted or 'egg box' profile which offers a greater surface area over other profile shapes - which enables them to 'catch' sound waves more easily and effectively read more
CAR ACOUSTICS Solavis SuperShield® is a specially designed elastomeric butyl and aluminium constrained-layer vibrational damper which can be cut to shape and fused directly to painted panels or onto bare sheet metal after cleaning. Its low 'filler' content butyl adhesive backing ensures long term adhesion with no peeling, cracking or smell even in temperature extremes. Read More
REFLECTIVE INSULATION Solavis RadiantShield® insulation is a thin, thermo-reflective insulation product made up of a layer of fire-retardant polyethylene air bubbles sandwiched between two layers of highly reflective pure aluminium foil. RadiantShield combats all three forms of heat transfer. READ MORE

Welcome to Solavis

Solavis Conservation Systems is a manufacturer and distributor of innovative reflective and acoustic composite materials. We are committed to providing the world market with novel solutions for existing thermal and acoustic problems whilst at the same time addressing cost efficiency through our lean business model.

Efficiently dealing with unwanted heat and noise is a science. We are confident that our specialist knowledge, product research, testing and certification allow us to deliver the best possible solutions to your problems.

For more information on Solavis products, please view our Products page or Contact us for more information.

Featured Video

Solavis SuperShield® sound demonstration video showing the dampening effect of applying SuperShield to thin gauge steel. For further information see the SuperShield Product Page.


Featured Product

Solavis RadiantShield® insulation is a thin, thermo-reflective insulation material designed to combat all three forms of heat transfer. For more information see the RadiantShield product page