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RadiantShield Premium
RadiantShield Premium
RadiantShield Premium
RadiantShield Premium
RadiantShield Premium

RadiantShield Premium

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RadiantShield Premium

Our Premium range, suitable for large scale building operations. RadiantShield Premium comprises a 4 mm XPE foam core. Although XPE and EPE may look similar, there are significant differences in their construction. Notably, with this product, we've been able to achieve compliance with the flammability requirements for building materials as stipulated under the BCA. 

The outside surface is made of Polished aluminium as normal, but it's also reinforced with a woven mesh for serious strength and coated with a light green anti-glare finish to make it easier for the trades on-site during installation.

To top it off, we give you a 150 mm overlap on this layer so that you're not wasting money by overlapping the full material thickness unnecessarily. 


  • 1.35 m width (PLUS an additional 150 mm overlap of the woven silver face foil)
  • Light-green Anti-Glare Coating on one side
  • Woven Reinforced on Anti-Glare side
  • 4 mm XPE Foam
  • Flammability Index 1
  • Reflectivity 95-97%


Solavis RadiantShield Premium Insulation has been developed as both a vapor barrier and high-performance insulation. RadiantShield Premium is designed to combat heat gain and heat loss in all three forms (radiation, convection, and conduction), resulting in thermal performance superior to many conventional insulations.

RadiantShield Premium is suitable for use in Residential ceiling, roof, wall and underfloor applications. Solavis RadiantShield insulation is made up of a layer of fire-retardant XPE Foam sandwiched between two 99+% pure aluminium foil. It reflects back up to 96% of the radiant heat to achieve thermal comfort inside the home all year round.

Solavis RadiantShield Premium is a clean, safe and fibre-free insulation designed to replace conventional bulk insulations. It is in full compliance with ASNZS 4859.1 and achieves over R3.0 for summer in residential ceiling applications.

Because our reflective insulation is foil facing on both sides, it will provide benefit by reflecting heat for both summer and winter conditions (compared to single-sided foils which only reflect heat in one direction).


Tiled Roof with RadiantShield installed on top of 90 mm Joists: R3.1 (Summer) |  R1.1 (Winter)

Pitched Metal Roof with RadiantShielf Installed on top of 90 mm Joists: R3.0 (Summer) | R1.4 (Winter)

RadiantShield Composition 

External surface coating Anti-corrosion treatment
External surface Pure aluminium foil
Inner core composition: Fire retardant XPE foam core
External surface: Pure aluminium foil
External surface coating: Anti-corrosion treatment