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  • RadiantShield Classic

    • Has a PE "bubble" core
    • Budget friendly
    • Better for tight spaces because it is thin and bendable
    • Great for damp areas where you need to keep moisture out
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  • RadiantShield Plus

    • Has an EPE foam core
    • The upgrade to bubble core
    • Not as bendable but slightly better at stopping sound
    • Better performance during super hot summers or very cold winters
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  • RadiantShield Premium

    • Has an XPE foam core
    • Fully compliant with the Building Code Of Australia (BCA)
    • Use for habitable areas and large scale building operations
    • Domestic & commercial
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What is reflective foil insulation?

Reflective foil insulation, a key component in building energy efficiency, combines aluminium insulation with either bubble core or foam core materials to create a barrier against heat transfer. This type of insulation, often referred to as aluminium foil insulation, leverages the reflective properties of foil to reflect radiant heat, effectively managing indoor temperatures. Key terms associated with this insulation technology include "foil insulation," "reflective insulation," "bubble core insulation," "foam core insulation," and "aluminium insulation," highlighting its diverse applications and benefits in roofs, walls, and floors to enhance thermal performance and comfort.

PE "bubble" core

PE "bubble" core insulation uses a polyethylene bubble layer sandwiched between reflective aluminium foil to provide excellent thermal resistance and reflect radiant heat. It acts as an effective moisture barrier, preventing condensation and moisture ingress. This insulation is lightweight, flexible, and easy to install, making it suitable for a variety of building applications.

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EPE foam core

EPE (Expanded Polyethylene) foam core insulation features a foam structure that provides excellent thermal resistance, effectively keeping heat out during hot summers and retaining warmth in cold winters. It also serves as a moisture barrier, safeguarding against water vapor and condensation. Lightweight, easy to cut, and simple to install, this material is well-suited for insulating floors, walls, and roofs.

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XPE foam core

XPE (Cross-linked Polyethylene) foam core insulation boasts a closed-cell structure that excels in minimising heat transfer, ensuring interiors stay cool in summer and warm in winter. It acts as a robust moisture barrier, preventing water vapour and condensation. Lightweight, easily customisable, and straightforward to install, XPE foam is ideal for insulating floors, walls, and roofs, offering superior energy efficiency.

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